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Digital DMR  repeater Hytera HR1065 UHF
Digital DMR  repeater Hytera HR1065 UHF
Digital DMR repeater Hytera HR1065 UHF
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Digital DMR  repeater Hytera HR1065 UHF  with license IP Multi-Site Connect.

HR1065 To keep your organization safe and productive, instant communication is one of the most important requirements. To enable voice and data communication between remote users and sites, Hytera offers the HR1065 series repeater, which is a new generation digital repeater. This device can meet your needs for radio coverage and provide reliable and high-performance services in a network of radio communication devices.


Economical 1U size
The HR1065 series repeaters are 1U high and have a compact design, reducing space requirements for their installation.

Automatic switching between digital and analog modes
The HR1065 series repeaters support mixed channel operation to detect signal reception and automatically switch between analog and digital modes. It is an easy way to transition between digital and analog technologies.

High degree of integration
The advanced version of HR1065 is integrated with router and SIP gateway functions. This reduces the number of devices and simplifies their management. Thus, the repeater offers you a cost-effective solution for building your network.

Convenient management
A new web server platform has been developed to simplify the management of the repeater. Real-time configuration, updates, and diagnostics of the repeater can all be done from a web browser, making it ideal for remote management.

Automatic switching between AC and DC
The HR1065 series repeaters support both AC and DC input. It supports automatic switching between AC and DC. The repeater can charge backup batteries while running on AC power and automatically switch to backup batteries if AC power fails to keep the repeater running smoothly. Users do not need to use an uninterruptible power supply, simply install a 12V battery, which reduces the cost of investment by 90 percent.

Broad radio coverage
The communication range of the HR1065 series repeaters has been increased due to the increased sensitivity of the receiver. An Ethernet port provides access to IP networks, allowing the HR1065 to communicate between remote users and sites.

Brend Hytera
Supply voltage DC: 13.6V 15%, AC: 100~250V 50/60Hz
Working cycle 100%
Frequency range 400-470 МGz
Number of channels 64
The weight 5,8 kg
The size 44×483×366
Connector Type N-female
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