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SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem
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SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W radio modem

The SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W is a UHF radio modem in an IP67 enclosure with a high power transmitter, a wide tuning range of 70 MHz and the ability to programmatically adjust the channel width. It is particularly well suited for outdoor use in various weather conditions. Due to the high bandwidth, the range of stable communication can be up to 80 km.

Heavy-duty tool for tough conditions

In accordance with the IP67 standard, the SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W body and connectors are waterproof and dustproof. The radio modem is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD), which is used to indicate the current operating status (frequency, channel width, power level, sensitivity level), as well as to change the radio modem settings.

     High 25W output power

     Tuning range 70 MHz (403 ... 473 MHz)

     Programmable channel width setting 12.5/20/25 kHz

     IP67 housing

Reliable data transmission

In the SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W radio modem, the number of errors is minimized by preliminary checking and correcting data packets. Forward error correction (FEC) splits data packets into several blocks. The radio modem adds corrective information within the blocks during transmission.

In a radio network, the SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W can operate as a repeater. In this mode, the radio modem receives messages, buffers the received data and transmits it to another modem using the same radio channel.

SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35W has built-in message routing software that takes care of routing messages through the radio modem network automatically according to the settings. The communication is completely transparent, making the message routing directly compatible with most user protocols.

Flexible and cost-effective choice

Radio modem networks are flexible, easy to expand, and can cover a wide range of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks consisting of hundreds of modems. Setting up a local data network is fast and cost-effective.

The SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W is compatible with the widely used SATELLINE-3AS line and SATEL's additional equipment such as SATEL-LINK.

SATELLINE-EASy Pro 35 W complies with the following international standards: EN 300 113-2/FCC CFR47 section 90 (radio frequency requirements), IEC 62368 (safety standard), EN 301 489 (EMC requirements), EN 61000-4-3 (immunity).

Technical specs

Frequency range

403 ... 473 MHz

Channel spacing

12,5/20/25 kHz software selectable

Carrier power

1/5/10/25 W software selectable

Sensitivity max.

-114 dBm


ODU 8-pin: RS-232 Interface

ODU 4-pin: Power

Max. radio data speed

19200 bps (25 kHz channel spacing)

9600 bps (12,5 kHz and 20 kHz channel spacing)

Operating voltage

+9...+16 VDC

Power consumption

TX: 40 W @ 5W output power

TX: 90 W @ 25 W output power

RX: 1.8 W

Antenna connector

TNC female, 50 Ohm

Compatibility modes


Protocols are supported

IEC 60870-5-101, RP570/571

Temperature Range

-25 °C ... +55 °C

Size weight

189 mmx 138 mmx 71 mm / 1420 g

IP Classification

IP67 (NEMA 6)


SATELLINE-EASy Pro brochure

SATELLINE-EASy Pro user guide v2.3

Separation of channels 12.5 kHz/20 kHz/25 kHz (software)
Transfer protocol compatibility IEC 60870-5-101, RP570/571
Encryption No
Radio transmission rate 9600 bps (12,5 kHz channel spacing)
Compatibility modes SATELLINE-3AS (4FSK), Pacific Crest FST/4FSK/GMSK, TRIMTALK450s
Connection interface ODU 8-pin: RS-232, ODU 4-pin: power
Supply voltage +9...+16 V DC
Dust and water protection IP67 (NEMA 6)
Brend Satel
Оutput power 5/10/20/25 W (software )
Working temperature -25 °C ... +55 °C
Frequency range 403...473 MHz
The size 189 mm x 138 mm x 71 mm
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