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TM840 VHF Mobile Radio DMR 136-174 MHz, Kirisun
TM840 VHF Mobile Radio DMR 136-174 MHz, Kirisun
TM840 VHF Mobile Radio DMR 136-174 MHz, Kirisun
TM840 VHF Mobile Radio DMR 136-174 MHz, Kirisun
TM840 VHF Mobile Radio DMR 136-174 MHz, Kirisun
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Advanced Encryption:
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The TM840 is a professional trunked DMR radio that can be used as a car or stationary radio. 


1.8" Dot Matrix Display with True Color Technology

The large, full-color, 5-line display makes it easy to view information even in bright sunlight.

Russian-language interface

The device menu has been translated into Russian.

Programmable Buttons

TM840 is equipped with 4 programmable buttons, each of which can be assigned to execute 2 commands.

Variety of services

The TM840 supports all types of voice calls, including private, group, broadcast, emergency, text, status, and data.

Secure radio

Support for 40-bit ARC encryption ensures the security and privacy of communications. The encryption function provides additional protection against interception in the air.

GPS positioning (optional)

An optional GPS positioning module is provided for use in the dispatching system. In addition, the LIP protocol (Location Information Protocol) has been introduced, which expands the possibilities for locating the radio station.

Advanced analog signaling

Support for the most common analog signaling such as MDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone and DTMF. Support for CTCSS and DCS codes.

Other services

Support for other important functions, such as radio check, remote turn off / on, covert listening, alarm notification, channel monitoring, interrupting the current call.

Interfaces for Third Party Developers

The TM840 includes an optional third-party SD card interface that can be used to implement data encryption or voice recording. Access to the interface does not require disassembly of the radio. And the 26-pin interface allows you to develop various accessories and solutions.


The TM840 supports not only analogue or digital channel list scanning, but also mixed mode scanning.

Built-in Bluetooth (optional)

Bluetooth module allows you to use various wireless accessories such as PTT button, headset, etc.

Single frequency repeater (option)

Support of a single-frequency repeater in digital mode significantly saves frequency resources, expands radio coverage and saves budget.

Trunking support (optional)

Support for DMR Tier III and/or MPT-1327. License purchase required.

Number of channels 1024
Frequency range 136-174 MHz
Advanced Encryption Not, Yes AES256
Brend Kirisun
Supply voltage 13,6 В 15%
Dust and water protection IP54
Number of zones 248
Display 1.77 inches, 5 lines
Radiated power 45 W
The weight 1,5 kg
The size 176*59*183
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